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What to Wear on Long Haul Business Class Flights

What to Wear on Long Haul Business Class Flights Published on . Category:

Couple in Airport - What to Wear on Business Class | Just Fly Business

Flying long haul is not always the most pleasant part of a trip but if you’re in business class, it can take the edge off a bit. Sitting down for so long is difficult but what you wear on your flight can make a huge difference to your comfort. Just Fly Business, who offer cheap business class flights, have put together the following tips to help you stay comfortable on those long haul overseas flights.

Flight Compression Socks

Compression Socks worn on business class flights

They may not be attractive to look at but they will help keep you safe from deep vein thrombosis. They also protect your feet from any nasty germs that may be lurking on the floor or indeed on seats when you want to pop your feet up in your business class flat bed.

Loose Fitting Trousers

Jeans can be rather uncomfortable to travel in so it makes sense to wear loose trousers. Elasticated ones are even better because they mimic pyjamas and you can rest and relax in them. It’s also advisable to get patterned ones. Why? Have you ever spilt something on yourself mid-flight? Well, a patterned pair of trousers will hide a stain better. No one wants to look anything but classy when travelling on business class flights. Linen pants are also a good option because they are light and breathable and you will sweat less while jeggings are a good way to maintain a chic and comfortable look.

Cotton Top

Big baggy t-shirts are your best friend when it comes to long business class flights. They are an essential part of comfortable plane outfits. They can be layered up with a top if you get cold and if you get hot they will keep you cool. They can be dressed up with a bracelet or necklace if you need to look classy on the other end before you check into your hotel.

Long jacket

Long Jackets hanging on a coat rack

Aeroplanes can get rather cold on overnight flights so it’s a good idea to have a jacket with you that will keep you warm. Plus, the weather may not be so pleasant when you return home. There’s nothing worse than landing in a cold country on an early morning flight and not having warm clothes with you.


Hoodies are so versatile because they can be thrown on with any casual outfit. They have a handy hood for when you want to keep your head warm. Pulling your hoodie over your head is also a great hint to fellow passengers and cabin crew that you don’t want to be disturbed.


Colourful Pashminas stacked in a pile

Pashminas are super stylish and can lift any outfit. A pashmina can act as a blanket for when you are cold and they can also be rolled up and used as a neck pillow. Wearing a pashmina while travelling on business class flights means you will also look the part as a trendy jet setter. You can also fit in with the crowds if you’re heading off to fashion conscious places like Sydney, Miami and Las Vegas, from the moment you touch down.

Cheap Business Class Flights

Just Fly Business offer business class flights to a number of destinations around the world, so if you’re looking for stylish destinations for your next trip, call 0208 417 1366 today.

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