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Unravelling the Unknown Culture of Cancun

Unravelling the Unknown Culture of Cancun Published on . Category:

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Cancun is a popular holiday destination and with good reason; the Mexican city is renowned for its vast and beautiful sandy beaches, water-based activities and vibrant night life.

Beyond the typical tourist hotspots lie lesser known marvels however, some of which are the most important and unique of the area’s history and culture.

There are many ways to discover a lot about Cancun’s earlier inhabitants, particularly the Mayans, and how they came to shape the Mexican city’s rich and vibrant traditions, languages and cuisine.

Cancun: A Culture Fest

Ancient Mayans lived on what is known today as the Yucatan Peninsula and the civilisation was ahead of its time in many ways.

By 500 BC the Mayans had made considerable advances in not only architecture, which they proved by erecting huge temples and in other aspects as well, including language scripts and knowledge of astronomy. As such the area is still blessed with many relics from its illustrious past for those willing to look beyond the most commonly visited tourist spots.

The great thing about Cancun is that it really does offer something for everyone and for those with a nose for ancient culture and influences there is plenty here to see and do.

Whether you are a lone backpacker, travelling business class or luxury holiday to Cancun, the island resort has many hidden gems for culture buffs to suit every pocket, while its beaches provide idyllic places to relax.

Unravelling the Culture of Cancun

Unravelling the culture of Cancun both in the present day and in its illustrious past is to go on a journey of discovery unlike any other.

Modern-day Cancun offers everything visitors would look for in a holiday destinations, including many restaurants, villages, and shops that still showcase the areas’ culture. While its beaches cannot be ignored, those willing to explore will find a wealth of sights, ruins, and traditions waiting to be discovered.

Cancun Ruins in Mexico

In addition to a variety of historical sites such as temples and other remarkable architecture built at the time, visitors can also discover more about the areas’ history in a number of museums and cultural centres that showcase its culture. There are a number of sites where visitors can see Mayan Ruins, including the Cancun underwater museum, as well as arts and culture centres such as the Casa De Cultura Art Centre.

Other highlights also include theatre at the Xcaret eco park, the Museo Maya; home to a wide range of Mayan artefacts, as well as the Mexican Museum.

If you’re travelling to Cancun and would like to learn more about the areas’ rich culture, there are many places to do so away from the well beaten path. For those who are willing, unravelling the unknown culture of Cancun can be a truly unique and enriching experience.

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