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Seek Adventure On Your Business Trip To Melbourne

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Melbourne at Night - Adventurous Business Trip - Just Fly Business

Although business trips may be dominated by work and an endless stream of meetings, this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of your free-time and explore your new surroundings. This outlook, when aligned with an organised approach to time management, allows you to enjoy a business and pleasure holiday to Melbourne and similarly exotic commercial hubs around the world.

Think Outside The Box On Your Business Trip To Melbourne

If we take Melbourne as an example, we see a destination that is distinguished by famous landmarks, its incredible natural beauty and numerous opportunities to seek out adventure.

In fact, Melbourne is a thrill-seekers’ dream, so let’s take a look at some of the exciting activities that you can do during your free-time:

Melbourne City Tour

Take a Teepee Tour Across Melbourne

If you find that you have an available weekend, why not book a Teepee Tour and experience some of the natural beauty that distinguishes the city of Melbourne?

You can book a two-day tour along the Great Ocean Road, for example, which exposes you to Melbourne’s stunning coastal beauty and allows you to observe koalas and kangaroos in the natural habitat.

Enjoy a Melbourne Skydive on the Beach

Now you can book tandem skydives in Melbourne, but as a solo-business traveller this may unsuitable unless you intend to jump with a colleague! Instead, book a single skydive over one of the Melbourne’s most stunning beaches, plunging 14,000 feet from the sky during a thrilling, 60-second freefall.

If you can bear to keep your eyes open, the jump will also allow you to take in aerial views of locations such as St. Kilda and Port Phillip Bay.

Visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Now while this may not sound exciting to some, there are millions of Australians who will tell you just how thrilling a game of test cricket can be.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a truly seminal sporting stadium, which can hold up to 90,000 spectators and has an incredible heritage. If you are a cricket fan, a trip to this grand old venue will be sure to set your heart racing and your pulse-rate soaring!

Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride Across Melbourne

The ideal way to start your day off, embarking on a relaxing hot air balloon ride across the Melbourne skyline makes for a quietly thrilling experience like no other.

Usually available at sunrise, this activity strikes the ideal balance between adventure and relaxation, making it the ideal way of passing the time for thrill-seekers who have yet to become fully-fledged adrenaline junkies!

Experience a Jet-Fighter Flight Simulator

This activity is relatively new to Melbourne, but it is now available in a number of prime viewing areas where spectators can enjoy your flight.

Led by an aerobatic instructor pilot, you will take charge of a modern L-39 fighter jet (as seen in the James Bond hit Tomorrow Never Dies) and undertake a ‘mission impossible’ type challenge against your foes. Including G-Force impacts and authentic speed, you will get to perform incredible aerobatic manoeuvres while your heart races!

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