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The Hidden Perks Of Business Class Travel

The Hidden Perks Of Business Class Travel Published on . Category:

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If you’ve always wondered whether you should upgrade your flights to business class flights, it’s time to seriously consider it.

Over the last few years, most major airlines have been taking their business class travel game to another level. Not only are the standard premium benefits on offer, but there are also some additional perks that you may not expect when booking your flight. The best business class flights have now become more luxurious than ever, yet they’re still a fraction of the price of first class flights.

The great thing about finding cheap business class flights with us is that you can enjoy all these perks (all the expected and unexpected ones) at an affordable price.

Read on for some of the many hidden perks of business class travel to be aware of.

Chauffeur Services

Emirates Chauffeur picking up a emirates business class passenger

Emirates chauffeur service for business and first class passengers.

You can kick off your premium travel experience as soon as you leave your front door. Some of the best business class airlines are now offering chauffeur services, so you can get a luxury car to drop you off directly to your airport terminal.

As the chauffeur service will be affiliated with the airline, they’ll be able to let you know of any flight delays and adjust your pickup time accordingly if possible. This means there’s absolutely no need to wait at the airport for any longer than you need to! Although the business class lounge facilities are worth arriving early for.

A Premium Priority Check-in Experience

The Priority Boarding sign
Forget queuing for ages simply to check in to your flight. Some of the best business class airlines are offering premium check-in experiences now. You can take a comfortable seat while the airline staff takes care of the entire check in process for you. Everything is done for your convenience and there will even be someone to handle your bag drop for you.

The entire airport experience is transformed as a business class passenger. There’s no need to drag your luggage around in different queues – just head straight to your pre-flight lounge to start your holiday.

Pre-Flight Business Lounges are Better Than Ever

 Cathay Pacific business lounge, The Pier

Cathay Pacific business lounge, The Pier.

The business class travel experience doesn’t just begin when you board your flight. You can access the airline’s business class lounge, which is often the same as their first class lounge. Complimentary drinks and snacks are always on offer, and you’ll have a comfortable space to relax in or work in before your flight.

These lounges are a huge perk of business holidays, as you can avoid the crowd and the stress of the public airport spaces. If you’re heading on a work-related trip, a business class lounge is the perfect place to recharge.

Specific business class lounge facilities differ depending on the airline, but many of the best ones offer features such as showers, massages and private sleeping spaces.

Extra Baggage Allowance

Emirates priority boarding desk

Emirates business class check in desk.

The baggage policy varies depending on the airline, but you usually get additional baggage allowance when you book business class flights. This is a great perk for all the shopaholics out there, and saves you having to worry about how you’re going to bring your inflated suitcase back home.

Priority Boarding

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Singapore Airlines business class.

There’s absolutely no need to queue as a business class passenger. The airline staff will let you know exactly when you need to board and you’ll be able to make your way straight to your extremely comfortable fully reclining seat. You’ll be in the air with your first glass of champagne before you know it.

A Surprising Amount of Onboard Amenities and Facilities

Business Class Amenity kit on Etihad

Etihad business class amenity kit.

Whether you’ve been on a business class flight before or not, it’s hard not to enjoy all the little amenities they offer you on board. As airlines have started to invest a lot more into their business class experience, they’ve added more touches to make it even better value for money for passengers.

Other than the comfy pillow and blanket and the cosy flight socks, you’ll also receive a toiletry kit brimming with goodies to help keep you fresh in the air. You’ll also now be provided with new and improved noise cancelling headphones so you can enjoy your in-flight entertainment, and a cooling eye mask for when you want to get some sleep.

In terms of onboard facilities for their business class travellers, some airlines have also started to introduce bars and lounge areas on their planes. This gives you another area of the plane where you can stretch your legs and socialise with other premium class passengers. It can be a great place to network or simply have a quiet drink away from your seat.

There Are Usually Extra Amenities For Long-Haul Flights

Seating in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Flatbed.

If you’re about to be a business class passenger for a long-haul flight, you’re in for quite an experience. You’ll sometimes receive additional perks such as pyjamas and slippers to wear on board. You may also be able to ask for special pillows and receive thicker blankets from the staff to get a good night’s sleep on the plane.

Airline staff are committed to creating a comfortable and cosy environment for all their premium class passengers on a long-haul flight, especially if it is overnight. You’re guaranteed to reach your destination fully refreshed and ready to start your holiday or work trip.

You can be the first to leave the aircraft

Leaving the aircraft first in business class
One of the most frustrating parts of travel is having to wait for ages on the plane once you’ve reached your destination. Flying business class means you can minimise your waiting time as you’ll be let off the plane first. Yet another queue that you can avoid by checking out our range of cheap business class flights.

Experience Business Class Service Now

Here at Just Fly Business, we’re dedicated to making luxury travel more affordable. We spend our time finding the best deals for business & first class flights for our clients. Our aim is to offer you the cheapest business class ticket prices for your next travel destination. We cover a large number of destinations around the world, and we can also create a bespoke itinerary just for you.

For an amazing business class experience from before you even depart, contact us today on 020 8417 1366 or enquire online.

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