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How to Take the Perfect Holiday Instagram Photo

How to Take the Perfect Holiday Instagram Photo Published on . Category:

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Picture the scene; you are stuck in the office on a cold winter’s day, while one of your colleagues has just embarked on a trip to an exotic, far-flung part of the world. As if this knowledge is not enough, he decides to send you a stunning pastel cloud shot as the plane completes its ascent, capturing his escape and essentially lifting his middle finger in the process.

While this is enough to make any of us curse the age of social media, those travelling have an entirely different perspective. That’s the great thing about gloating Instagram photos; as there is always an opportunity to gain revenge so long as you are able to capture the perfect shot at the height of travelling luxury.

Holiday Instagram Photo

3 Steps Towards Creating the Perfect Instagram Holiday Shot

So, how exactly do you capture the perfect Instagram holiday shot? Consider the following steps to drive your colleagues mad as they toil in the office!

Capture the Scene and the Mood

Of course, the real key to taking a great photograph relies on capturing the prevailing scene and mood. Often this means snapping scenes that occur organically, rather than contriving a setting at a predetermined point in time.

If you find yourself strolling along the coast at sunset, for example, this provides the ideal opportunity for an emotive landscape shot or a stunning, Instagram selfie. Similarly, capturing the fun and interactive moments of your holiday also provides genuine inspiration for your Instagram account, as they capture the periods of time when we truly connect with our loved ones and travel partners.

Use Instagram’s Toolbox and the Little Moments Filter

Truly, Instagram understands the importance of irritating your colleagues with truly stunning holiday snaps, and it has created a host of viable tools to help you achieve this aim. While it may still be criminally overlooked by some, it includes a number of features that can rescue stricken images, overcome contrast issues and heighten exposure.

These tools are particularly good at bringing the finer details of macro shots to life, as they enable you to focus in on the main elements of the image and use a tilt-shift mechanism to blur the background. This can create a truly beautiful and professional photograph and one which captures the majesty of your holiday perfectly.

Don’t ignore the timer too, as this helps you to move beyond selfies while capturing more of the landscape behind you.

Embrace the Facetune Feature

Without trying to sound round, even the most glorious holiday landscape can occasionally be ruined by your physical appearance. More specifically, a pale or pallid complexion can undermine the impact of your picture, while we all know what humidity can do to voluminous hairstyles!

This is where the innovative Facetune feature comes into play, as it enables you to alter your appearance and tailor it to suit the demands of the image. This includes everything from blurring skin blemishes to changing the dimensions of your features, and it is little wonder that this tool has gained huge popularity among Instagram’s large, celebrity user base.

Just remember to exercise caution, otherwise you may find that your colleagues have difficulty recognising you!

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