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Is Singapore Airlines Business Class The Best?

Is Singapore Airlines Business Class The Best? Published on . Category:

Woman relaxing in the Singapore Airlines business class seat

Whether you’re flying to Australia for a summer holiday or travelling to Japan for an international business conference, choosing the perfect airline for your needs can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when it comes to deciding which airline is right for you, with comfort, amenities and reputation among the most important. Singapore Airlines scores impeccably in each of these areas, which is why it has continued to rake in the accolades and increase in popularity since 1972. In fact, it’s now the world’s most awarded airline, with Travel and Leisure Magazine (USA) granting it the title of “World’s Best International Airline” for the 23rd consecutive year in 2018.

With an extensive range of destinations and a world-class fleet of planes, it isn’t difficult to see why Singapore Airlines has received such positive global recognition. In addition to its base at Singapore Changi Airport, an airport so well-equipped it could be a holiday destination by itself, SIA customers can enjoy flights to the world’s most exciting cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, New York and Melbourne.

At Just Fly Business, we understand that deciding which airline to fly with can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing honest reviews of the world’s most popular airlines from a personal perspective, so our customers know what level of service they should expect when they step on board their next flight. In our latest review, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Singapore Airlines’ business class flights, from the check-in process right through to landing in your dream destination.

The Pre-Flight Experience: What makes Singapore Airlines’ business class flights so special?

A wide shot of the Kris lounge bar and sofas
It’s safe to say that Singapore Airlines goes the extra mile when it comes to creating a world-class flight experience for their business class customers, and the pre-flight experience is no exception. For those flying from Singapore Changi, the airline’s exclusive “Meet and Greet” service allows customers to settle straight into holiday mode from the moment they arrive at the airport. Book in advance to allow a dedicated member of staff to meet you at the departure, arrival or transit gate, and you’ll save precious time by not having to navigate yourself and your luggage around a potentially unfamiliar area.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, having a comfortable area to relax before your flight is key to a positive travel experience. When it comes to pre-flight lounges, business class customers expect – and deserve – complete luxury, and Singapore Airlines certainly doesn’t disappoint! Their SilverKris Lounges have been designed to be as comfortable as your own home, all while maintaining the grandeur expected of premium airlines. You can relax or work in style with productivity pods, shower rooms, bartender service, and a secure Wi-Fi connection. What more could you want?

The In-Flight Experience: Is it as good as people say?

Following a seamless check-in experience, it only makes sense that Singapore Airlines continues to excel with their in-flight amenities for business class customers. They know exactly what it takes to create an exceptional flight experience, so you’ll be in good hands from the minute you board.

Luxurious cabins and personalised seating: Singapore Airlines Business Class seat review

When you’re travelling for business, there are certain features you need in place to be able to work and relax effectively. Fortunately, Singapore Airlines understand exactly what their business class customers need on board their fleet of planes.

The phrase “it’s in the details” couldn’t be truer when it comes to premium airlines. This is especially important when talking about plane cabins, as a good airline should have plenty of features to shout about. In fact, we think we could write an entire Singapore Airlines business class seat review! The majority of their planes offer a 1-2-1 seating arrangement to business class customers, giving everyone access to the aisle and making it easier to reach the bathroom or simply stretch your legs. The cabins in the centre can be separated by a personal divider for individual passengers, or can be transformed into a double seat for couples, friends or colleagues flying together. It’s these small, personal touches that puts Singapore Airlines high on our list of recommended flight providers.

Business class seating is available on a number of plane models utilised by Singapore Airlines. Although they each offer slightly different features, the number one priority remains the same: to provide an impeccable flight experience to their valued customers. For instance, the new A380 model boasts hand-stitched leather seating, designed to recline fully from chair to bed when it’s time to get some well-deserved sleep. In contrast, there are two positions (the “Lazy Z” and the “Sundeck”) available on models such as the A350-900 and 777-300ER for passengers with more specific seating requirements.

Stay on Top of Business

 A business man on his laptop flying business class Singapore Airlines
Despite the subtle differences, every cabin has been designed to ensure that all business class customers can enjoy good-quality sleep at 30,000 feet – just what every passenger needs to feel refreshed after a long-haul flight. They’re also equipped with the features necessary to stay up-to-date with work, so your flight doesn’t have to come in the way of your deadlines. From integrated reading lights to charging ports, inflight telephone functions to laptop storage, Singapore Airlines’ business class cabins have everything you need to stay productive in the air.

Perhaps one of the features that leaves us most impressed is the ability to connect to the internet when you’re flying among the clouds. They even offer business class passengers one complimentary Wi-Fi session on some flights, so it’s worth checking in advance to see if you’re eligible for this.

Kick Back and Relax With Plenty of Entertainment Options

Woman relaxing in a Singapore Airlines business class seat
Fancy a break from work? Singapore Airlines has everything you need. With over 1,000 films, television programmes, games and even apps available on their exclusive KrisWorld entertainment system, there’s something to keep every business class customer entertained. Each cabin is equipped with an impressive screen and noise-cancelling headphones, so you can enjoy relaxing in your own little world no matter how long your journey. The flight’s over before you know it!

Experience the Joy of Fine Dining Thousands of Feet in the Air

A passenger being served his Business class Singapore Airlines meal
If there’s one question that all passengers face after a long-haul flight, it’s “how was the food?”. Airplane food has always battled with a less than positive reputation, and it isn’t difficult to see why many airlines have now made it a priority to serve good quality meals to their customers. Unpleasant airplane food isn’t just disappointing – it can make or break a person’s flight experience and damage an airline’s reputation.

Expectations are especially high when it comes to premium airlines. Luckily for its business class customers, Singapore Airlines offers an exclusive “Book the Cook” service to ensure that its passengers can enjoy delicious meals on board their planes. With an extensive menu designed by their very own International Culinary Panel, you’ll have the option to choose from gourmet meals such as Cantonese Roast Duck, Sesame-Fried Sea Bass, Grilled Salmon, and Fillet Mignon with Mustard Jus. We’d fly with Singapore Airlines based on the menu alone!

It isn’t just food you can expect to be wowed by on your next flight. Singapore Airlines also has an impressive wine and champagne selection, chosen specifically by leading wine experts to retain their taste under cabin pressure. Say no more!

Receive Excellent Customer Service

A Singapore Airlines staff putting a blanket on a sleeping customers
For us at Just Fly Business, we believe that impeccable customer service is key to a positive flight experience. No matter how comfortable the chairs are or how delicious the food is, an airline with rude or unfriendly staff simply won’t make it on our list of top flight providers. Fortunately, the team at Singapore Airways always go above and beyond to make sure their customers have a smooth journey, no matter how long or short their flight may be. From bringing drinks and refreshments to ensuring the safety of every passenger, SIA employees go to great heights to keep their customers happy from take off to landing.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review: Our verdict

A travel agent with his thumbs up holding a paper plane
As the world’s “most awarded airline”, it’s reasonable to expect an impressive flight experience with Singapore Airlines – especially as a business class customer. With well-designed, ergonomic seating and thoughtful in-flight extras, it isn’t difficult to see why Singapore Airlines has achieved such a positive global reputation. Friendly staff offering personalised service and an extensive menu of gourmet meals makes this airline the perfect choice for long-haul flights – whether travelling for business or pleasure.

At Just Fly Business, we’re committed to helping customers discover cheap business class flights and luxury holiday offers. Our dedicated team of professionals are on hand to help simplify the entire process, so get in touch at Just Fly Business to start planning your next trip with Singapore Airlines today!

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