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How to Relax During Long Haul Business Class Flights

How to Relax During Long Haul Business Class Flights Published on . Category:

A mother and daughter in Qatar Business Class lie flat beds

Whether your final destination is a sunny beach in Thailand or a conference room in Tokyo, flying long distance is often unavoidable. Despite the exciting adventure waiting on the other side of your journey, the thought of spending more than just a few hours in one seat can be daunting. For some people, it can even be enough to put them off flying further than a few countries away.

Despite this, long-haul flights can also be the ideal time to relax – for tourists and business travellers alike – and are the perfect way to escape the reality of everyday life. After all, you can’t do your household chores when you’re flying among the clouds! This is especially true for fliers who have booked holidays with business class flights; high-quality seating, delicious in-flight meals and excellent customer service make long-haul flights a breeze.

However, for passengers who find it a little more difficult to relax on long-haul flights, here are some top tips for passing the time when you travel business class.

Pack an Essentials Bag

 A lady jumping on her luggage to close
Whether you’re flying for seven hours or seventeen, it’s always best to be prepared. You don’t want to board your flight only to realise that you’ve packed your phone charger, favourite book and reading glasses in your hold luggage. Fortunately, flying business class means that, although you’ll often get an extra carry on luggage allowance, you probably won’t need to bring as much on board as you would if you were flying economy. Some airlines will even provide their business class passengers with comfortable pyjamas for overnight flights, in addition to toiletries and other amenities. Despite these perks, packing your own bag of personal essentials will help you relax like you would in your own home.

Dress Comfortably For Business Class Travel

 smartly dressed couple walking through the airport
When you’re sat in the same seat for hours, dressing comfortably should be a priority. It’s difficult to relax when you’re wearing clothes that are stiff, or that aren’t suited to your current environment. You’ll want to make sure that you can regulate your temperature – which can be difficult to predict when flying on planes – so consider wearing a thin bottom layer and a jacket to keep you warm.

When you’re flying business class, it isn’t just comfort that you need to consider. Although many airlines don’t enforce dress codes any longer, there are some fashion faux pas which could see you turned away from your flight, such as wearing trousers which hang too low. To strike the right balance between class and comfort, make sure you opt for supple, closed-toe shoes and consider wearing a fashionable scarf to keep you warm while looking on-trend.

Adjust Your Seating

Lad relaxing in Singapore Airlines business class

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Business class cabins are famous for their luxuriously comfortable seating, so make sure to take advantage of this during your next long-haul flight. This is arguably one of the most convincing selling points of buying a business class flight ticket, as spending more than a few hours in a cramped plane seat isn’t likely to be your top choice when given the option.

For passengers travelling on a long-haul flight, adjusting your seat into a position of your choice truly will make all the difference. You’ll be able to recline as far back as you like without annoying your fellow passengers, and will even have the option to put your seat in a lie-flat position for a deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Sleeping in Business Class

a man sleeping on the lie flat bed in cathay pacific business class cabin

Cathay Pacific Business Class

Nothing passes the time quite like a good few hours of quality sleep, and what better way to relax on your next long distance flight? This is especially true for entrepreneurs and other busy fliers, as getting enough sleep can often be a challenge. For people who spend the majority of their week glued to their desk, getting a few hours of relaxation time free from the stress of work and other commitments can be a real treat.

If this is the case for you, make the most of your next business class flight. Supple seats and the option to have complete privacy gives you the opportunity to switch off and get some well-deserved rest, without being interrupted by buzzing phones and urgent emails. Using the time to rest on board your next flight will mean you arrive at your chosen destination feeling completely refreshed, which is ideal whether you’re heading to a meeting or straight to your hotel spa.

Enjoy Premium Class Flight Entertainment

a couple watching the entertainment system in a Malaysia Airlines business class seat

Malaysia Airlines Business Class

With plenty of time to spare, there’s no better way to relax on board a long distance flight than with an exciting film or TV programme. In-flight entertainment is available on all long-haul journeys to keep passengers occupied during flights, so take full advantage of this amenity en route to your next holiday or business trip. Plugging into the entertainment selection is also a great way to keep children relaxed during flights.

Of course, it can be tempting to catch up on work when you fly, especially if you’re heading towards an important conference and have lots of preparation to do. However, trying to stay busy during a long flight probably won’t be conducive to a relaxing journey, so make sure not to work too hard or for too long. Instead, settle down in front of a film you haven’t yet seen and you’re sure to appreciate the time away from your desk.

Enjoy a Drink in Business Class

 Emirates business class on board A380 bar

Emirates Business Class On Board Bar

This is your time to relax, so make the most of it with a complimentary drink brought directly to your seat. Airlines with business class seats will offer a variety of premium drinks, including a selection of tried and tested wines, and you’ll often begin your flight with a refreshing glass of champagne. For passengers who would prefer to relax with a non-alcoholic tipple, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose a fresh fruit juice, an expertly brewed coffee or a soft drink from your very own mini bar, depending on which airline you fly with.

Although indulging in the privacy of your own cabin can be the key to relaxation, after a few hours in your own company you may want to socialise with your fellow passengers at the plane’s onboard bar. This is a luxury that passengers can enjoy when flying on an Emirates A380 or a Virgin Atlantic Upper Class flight, amongst others, and is sure to help you unwind during a long-haul journey. Enjoy incredible bartender service as you sip a cocktail, and you’re sure to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Stay Hydrated and Well Fed in Business Class

 a man being served dinner by a Air New Zealand stewardess

Air New Zealand Business Class

Of course, relaxing with a tipple is a great way to pass the time on a long distance flight, however it’s important to stay hydrated and well-fed for a truly comfortable experience. It’s fair to say that plane food doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation, but business class meals are certainly the exception to the rule. Business class passengers will be given an extensive menu to choose from and will be treated and catered to as if they’re in a restaurant – ideal for the long distance flights where a packet of crisps just won’t do.

Feeling refreshed when you land at your chosen destination is essential to starting your holiday or business trip with a smile, so make sure you take full advantage of the food available to you to avoid feeling hungry and dehydrated on arrival. Enjoy a delicious meal with your friends or colleagues, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the time goes.

Stretching After The Flight

A person stretching at the airport
Aching joints and sore muscles are just two of the problems that can occur after sitting in a cramped seat for hours on end, so it’s important to find ways of stretching your arms and legs to really relax on your next flight. After all, the last thing you want to do is to land at your chosen destination with tight shoulders and a stiff neck.

Try to stretch every hour or so, either in your seat or by taking a walk through the aisle, to keep your circulation flowing and your muscles limber. If you would prefer to stretch in the privacy of your own cabin, consider these seated exercises:

  • Lift your arms above your head and clasp hands. Lean gently from side to side to elongate your spine and stretch your torso.
  • In the same position as above, keep your clasped hands extended in front of you and twist from side to side to stretch your lower back.
  • Roll your wrists and ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise, and roll your neck from left to right.
  • Lift your foot and place your ankle on the opposite knee to stretch your legs. Lean forward slightly to deepen the stretch.

Make sure to do a few post-flight stretches when you arrive at your hotel to prevent the onset of aches and pains following a long-haul flight.

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