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How To Make the Most of Your Business Trip to the Maldives

How To Make the Most of Your Business Trip to the Maldives Published on . Category:

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Travelling To The Maldives On Business

Business travellers and international salesmen often baulk at the suggestion that they enjoy enviable jobs, quite simply because the reality of their trips is usually far-removed from the popular perception of glitz, glamour and excitement. After all, wherever they travel in the world, their trip is often not recreational and they are often entails them spending their time working or hidden away in concrete office blocks.

Making the Most of the Maldives: Mixing Business and Pleasure when Travelling Overseas

For those who adopt an organised approach to managing their time, however, there remains a unique opportunity to mix business with pleasure and enjoy a more satisfying business trip.

Let’s say that you have embarked on a business trip to the Maldives, for example, with a work schedule that leaves you with your evenings free and an entire weekend to yourself.

Here are some of the ways in which you can pass this time while making the most of what the Maldives has to offer:

Visit the Jazz Bar in Male

The Jazz Bar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Maldives, thanks to its relatively unusual and cosmopolitan nature.

In essence, it combines two distinctly un-Maldivian concepts in jazz and coffee, creating a unique recreational experience that is also bolstered by a strong, international food menu.

Located in the busy harbour destination of Male, this outlet offers business travellers an opportunity to relax and unwind as they take in some of the Maldives’ most breath-taking views.

Enjoy Water Sports in Vihamanaafushi

Maldives on Business

For those with a love of high-octane activities, the Jazz Bar may just be a little too low-key. If you do enjoy thrill-seeking and outdoor pursuits, however, the coastal region of Vihamanaafushi is the Maldivian destination for you.

This location offers a wide array of water sports and activities, from staple pastimes such as canoeing and catamaran sailing to more contemporary offering like wind and kitesurfing.

If you are an active and energetic business traveller, there is no finer way to spend a weekend in the Maldives than by enjoying a range of water sports in one of the island’s most scenic spots.

The clear blue waters are also something to behold, as are the surrounding views and coastlines.

Check out the Athena Cinema in Haveeree Hingun

Haveeree Hingun is an immensely popular and busy district in the Male region, and it is home to a number of bars, eateries and entertainment outlets.

Visitors from the UK may be particularly interested to visit the grand and stylish Athena Cinema, however, which offers a diverse range of films for even the most eclectic tastes.

From local flicks and Hollywood blockbusters to Indian films, the Athena Cinema has something for every conceivable visitor. After a long, hard day of work in foreign land, what could be better than unwinding in front of a brand new film that boasts familiar sights and faces!

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