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How to Beat Jet Lag: our top tips

How to Beat Jet Lag: our top tips Published on . Category:

businessman asleep at the airport

Jet lag is a great excuse for all sorts of mishaps and oversights after you switch time zones or suffer through a long-haul flight. It can even get you out of unwelcome meetings or social engagements! On a more serious note, when you fly long distances travel fatigue and residual insomnia can be highly unpleasant. True jet lag can lead to disruption in healthy sleep patterns, with cognitive impairment, headaches, irritability and even nausea. People adjust back to their normal biological clock with different speeds and ease. Some can feel unwell for days afterwards.

It can be hard to distinguish between jet lag symptoms and the general physical impact of air travel. For example, if you spend the journey cramped, under-hydrated and constantly disturbed, it can leave you feeling tired, confused and stressed, even if the time shift is minimal.

Our Top Tips For Beating Jet Lag…

…or simply making the journey more comfortable.

Mentally Prepare Yourself For The New Time Zone

Businessman looking at different time clocks
Whether your travelling to New York, Paris or Tokyo, some disorientation caused by jet lag can be addressed by getting into the right frame of mind. If you’re constantly conscious of the alteration in time zone, it can reinforce your physical issues with sleep or disrupted routines. Set your watch or phone to the new time zone as soon as possible and get your head around your ‘new reality’.

Use Time Spent at The Airport Wisely and Well.

The Pier Cathay Pacific lounge

Cathay Pacific “The Pier” Lounge

The best, most positive air journeys start with the best experience at airports. If you finally sit down in your aeroplane seat after long queues, fighting for lounge chairs and lack of sustenance, you’re already on the way to fitful and inadequate rest! The alternative is to arrive at the airport in lots of time and enjoy some pre-flight food and relaxation in a business class lounge or premium lounge. This helps with number one on our list of jet lag tips too!

Drink Plenty of Water to Keep Hydrated and Avoid Junk Food

A lady drinking in the Ethihad Business studio

Ethihad Business Studio

One of the joys of a business class lounges in airports is complimentary refreshments, including nutritionally balanced meals made from fresh local ingredients. The same is true of inflight catering for business class cabins. Water and other beverages flow freely to keep you hydrated too. Contrast that with flying for hours hungry, thirsty or with a tummy full of less than healthy airport food!

Break Up Super-long Journeys with a Great Stopover

A lady in roof top pool in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
If you have to change planes mid-journey, it can work out better to stretch your travel time and give yourself time to ‘reboot’ in a pleasant environment. This is a sensible thing to do but also it’s an occasion when the excuse of ‘jet lag’ can be used to get sweet mini-break! It’s possible to find cheap business class flights that offer the option of spending time (or booking hotels) around major flight hubs like Dubai International Airport, LAX in Los Angeles or Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We particularly recommend changing planes at Singapore’s Changi Airport. It’s the best in the world and like a holiday destination in its own right.

Stretch and Breathe Easy

Virgin Atlantic the on board lounge, "The loft"

Virgin Atlantic Onboard Lounge “The Loft”

This may sound obvious, but it’s worth reinforcing. In modern aircraft – and with the availability of business class deals on premier flights – there is no need to spend travel time feeling uncomfortable and oppressed! There are many health-related benefits from getting up and walking around the cabin periodically. This includes fighting the effects of jet lag.

Of course, if you are travelling in luxury in a business class cabin with companies such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Emirates, this process is massively easier! They are among the airline companies who have built-in plenty of space to move around and alter your outlook during long haul flights.

These are also among the airlines who offer business class passengers fully lie-flat seats – for a great night’s sleep – as well as advanced lighting, ventilation and acoustic management in premier cabins.

Clearly then, the best way to avoid jet lag is to book a business class seat with a top airline! For business and first-class flights, including perks such as lounge access, simply visit justflybusiness.co.uk today to enquire. Or call our team on 020 8417 1366 to book flights and any extras.

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