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Heralding the Age of Affordable Business Class Flights

Heralding the Age of Affordable Business Class Flights Published on . Category:

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Let’s face facts; modern-day holidaymakers are increasingly open to novel and unique ways of seeing the world.

When it comes to corporate travel, however, booking a business class flight remains the only genuinely viable option for customers. Fortunately, this type of flight is becoming far more affordable in the current climate, with some of our airliners selling business class fares at a third cheaper than the same time last year.

Why are Business Class Flights Becoming More Affordable?

So while being able to find cheap business class flights has been a travellers’ dream for generations, it is now emerging as a glorious reality.

According to an article by Quartz, for example, flights between popular destinations have been sold at dramatically discounted rates during the last 12 months. Take a typical return trip from New York to London which cost an average of £1,514 during the first eight months of this year, as opposed to £2,385 during the same period in 2015.

Business Class Flights Seats on Board

Similarly, a business flight from Chicago or Cancun to Bangkok has an average sale price of £2,831 for 2016, whereas last year this would have set customers back a staggering £3,817.

While the trend is clear, however, the potential triggers are not. Some reports have suggested that a sharp drop in oil process have started to affect major airlines across the globe, forcing many to reconsider their pricing strategies and create more affordable, business class seats. These fares are crucial to airlines, primarily because they carry the highest profit margins and can generate huge returns particularly when they are sold in a high volume.

Are there Other Factors at Play?

Additionally, some sources have claimed that innovation in the mobile app market has had a similar impact on business class fares. More specifically, a rise in the number of apps focused on providing customers with affordable access to the private jet market is thought to have caused a huge price realignment, particularly in terms of first and business class tickets.

Regardless of the specific triggers, this evolution of the business class travel market represents great news for travellers.

Above all else, it makes aspirational forms of travel increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes, while creating a fairer and more competitive market space for all involved.

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