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First Class with the Family? Here’s Why It Makes Sense…

First Class with the Family? Here’s Why It Makes Sense… Published on .

Family at Airport | Just Fly Business Blog

When you think of premium class travel, you imagine a peaceful, luxury experience, which is why many people don’t associate first class flying with children. After all, kids can be difficult on planes, with even the best-behaved child getting restless after hours in the sky.

But in recent years, airlines have upgraded their offerings for the youngest passengers in business and first class, meaning that parents can take first class flights with their offspring, knowing that while they sip their complimentary champagne, there’s something to keep the kids happy too. Here’s why you should consider upgrading your next family trip.

Better entertainment

Girl with headphones
With many economy services offering little to no entertainment, beyond a few cartoons and a colouring book, parents are upgrading to premium class travel to keep the kids happy. For example, if you fly on Air New Zealand, those who upgrade to Business Premier get access to screens with on-demand entertainment, allowing kids to watch a huge selection of movies and TV shows, as well as power outlets so they can recharge their gadgets.

Naptime is easier

First-Class fully flat-bed on an Emirates plane
Ever tried to get a child to nap on a plane? If you’re in economy, you’ll often have to balance them on your lap, or let them encroach on your limited space, and that’s if you can get them to settle in the noisy cabin.

It’s worth upgrading to cheap business class flights to get the larger seats, which allow your child to recline and get comfortable. Lie-flat beds are also incredible for those travelling with kids, as they can have their normal bedtime routine on night flights and get tucked in.

Personal Service Onboard

Kids at airport looking at a airplane
When you fly with children, especially alone, it can be hard to look after their needs, and some extra help from the flight attendants goes a long way to making a pleasant trip. If you upgrade, you enjoy:

  • Better meals – first class passengers have a wider choice of food for picky eaters
  • Drinks on demand – no more waiting around for service when you have a thirsty child
  • Amenity packs – some airlines offer amenity kits for kids with extras like slippers, headphones etc.
  • Better staff ratios – with dedicated cabin staff for business and first class, it’s easier to get attention if your child needs something
  • First Class Privacy

    Kids often get upset on planes as it’s so noisy and crowded, so having your own quiet and secluded area can encourage them to relax and be better behaved. Fly on an airline such as Cathay Pacific and you can get extra privacy with a suite, which allows you to sit and watch TV, enjoy meals, or settle down for a nap together, meaning you can keep your child calm until it’s time to land and arrive feeling relaxed.

    Whether you’re flying for fun or a family reunion, get the best prices at Simply fill in our online contact form or call the team on 0208 417 1366 and we’ll make sure passengers of all ages are looked after.

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