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Covid Update & Exchanging Pandemic Blues, for the Wide Horizon!

Covid Update & Exchanging Pandemic Blues, for the Wide Horizon! Published on . Category:

Family in Airport with Covid-19 Masks

Oh, the irony. There’s a good chance that you’ve never been more in need of a holiday, making it a massive temptation to escape the doldrums and difficulties created by the pandemic by jetting off to the sun, skiing in pristine snow or exploring some exotic new location.

Yet booking an overseas break can seem rather daunting due to the restrictions created by COVID-19.

There’s lots of good news on this front. It is far easier (and more assured) than you realise to make that getaway plan a reality!

Latest Covid-19 UPDATES – 24/11/20

Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, it is clear that we are able to finally smile about the future. With 3 strong performing vaccines on the horizon with anticipated delivery from December this year, along with us being released from the national lockdown next week, things are looking up!

Grant Shappes this morning has also delivered some welcome news to our sector which will “bolster international travel while keeping the public safe”. People arriving into England from 15th December 2020 will be able to reduce their quarantine time from 14 days down to just 5 days IF they test negative for Covid-19. The test will be paid for by the passenger and is likely to cost between £65 and £120. There is no doubt this will greatly boost confidence in the travel sector and furthermore, the transport minister believes this cost will quickly reduce as more companies develop and streamline testing.

Frankly, there has never been a better time during the past year to book your next trip and in response the airlines are running some extraordinary Black Friday deals in response. For example Virgin Atlantic are offering Upper Class flights across their network from £999!

How to manage decisions and arrangements

The trick is knowing where to look for up-to-the-minute insights on travel plans. As well as knowing which experts can help you to navigate the extra decisions and precautions required. All the things you need to know, to make holidays and business trips a more seamless and safe experience.

Which of course, is referring to us! We help you to book both holidays and corporate travel with confidence, with lots of free Coronavirus travel advice.

As we are seasoned industry insiders, we also know how to book business class flights at affordable prices. Something made possible by the scramble by top airlines to get their premium seats filled.

This includes some unmissable travel deals provided by the ever-popular British Airways.

It’s been a tough year, and you deserve a break, so why hesitate when there are some amazing offers to help you to pick the perfect holiday or sort out your business trips. Especially when you optimise attractive 2021 air travel prices.

Yes, but what about ‘Corona’?

There are quite a few myths and misconceptions about air travel ‘flying around’ these days making it a good idea to start by looking at what the major companies and Governments are doing to create safe, clean airports and planes.

Keep in mind, business class travel naturally affords you the ideal amount of social distancing from your fellow travellers. You can sit back in ergonomically refined and super comfortable seats, whisk your way passed airport queues and enjoy splendid isolation in superb airport lounges.

You will also find that cleaning procedures throughout airports and on all flights are tight. For example, BA does a nose to tail deep clean of all craft every 24 hours. Of course, modern planes are already fitted with HEPA filters in their air conditioning systems to filter and clean air.

You will also be required to wear a mask (changed regularly to maintain its effectiveness) and use sanitising gel, handily provided at multiple locations.

As you would imagine, the staff at airports and onboard aircraft have PPE equipment ‘covered’. BA staff – among others – were trained up in lockdown to handle all the peculiarities of modern travel with care and control.

Also, companies like BA have changed their food service to be more COVID safe and of course, apps make it easy to enjoy travel with limited human contact for check-in and boarding. The only downside of these new contact-free air travel services is that you may find menus more limited, particularly the availability of special children’s meals.

The British Airways Is Ready To Fly


British Airways have amazing fares travelling this year and next year, all with your safety and comfort in mind. In an effort to boost international travel, BA is leading the way by offering some terrific fares and savings – take a look at what’s on offer!

Easing of quarantine restrictions

If you opt for some destinations straight away, you may need to factor in a quarantine period on your return. However, as testing procedures expand and improve over the coming weeks, you are likely to see this stringent precaution winding down.

There is a substantial investment of time and money in making air travel viable, safe and less prone to post-flight requirements. Which you can fully benefit from if you snap up a 2021 British Airways flight deal.

When your need to ‘get away’ is great, stay ahead of the crowds!

You will have come across the expression ‘essential travel’ in relation to some popular post-pandemic holiday destinations. The definition of what constitutes essential travel is all about personal perspective.

Of course, many companies still need to send staff on international flights to keep business going. However, if 2020 has seriously got you down, one of the best pick-me-ups is a holiday overseas.

Plus, by the time your travel date arrives, that much longed for vaccine could be available and we will all be moving around more freely and with fewer protocols to follow.

So, you had better get that 2021 holiday or business trip booked now, to beat the rush!

Though, if you book a break soon, you could enjoy far quieter holidays in destinations normally crowded over the winter months. Which means fewer fights over the socially distanced sun loungers and blissful peace and quiet to recover from the pandemic blues!

Check out the British Airways offers here!

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