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Different Breakfasts around the World

Different Breakfasts around the World Published on . Category:

Continental Breakfast - Different Breakfasts - Just Fly Business

Often called “the most important meal of the day”, breakfast is an integral part of any holiday. When travelling, breakfast is exactly the start to the day that can set the mood for the entire holiday. It makes sure that you get enough energy to explore the amazing city you are visiting, allows you to relax at a street-side cafe or pool-side lounge and watch the world pass you by, or can even be delivered to you before leaving the soft sheets of your room; you can’t get away from the fact that your first meal has an enormous impact on your time in a destination.

Here in the United Kingdom we get used to our breakfasts, both cooked or not, but what about the rest of the world? After all, one of the best aspects of travel is trying new things!

Cooked Breakfasts around the World

English Breakfast

English Breakfast with bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms, and eggs

No other country comes close to the hearty cooked breakfast of England… so much so that it is known around the world as a Full English! Also known as a Cooked Breakfast, a Traditional Breakfast, or even a “Fry Up”, the secret could be that you can tailor it to your liking with different styles of eggs, toast, or leaving the black pudding or tomatoes off if desired.

American Breakfast

American Breakfast with Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Bacon

Although similar to their neighbours from across the Atlantic, The USA often includes more starch in their morning meal. The trinity of eggs, bacon or sausage, and potatoes are common, but pancakes are also often found on the menu.

Try a fantastic US breakfast in San Francisco, Orlando, or New York soon!

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast with rice, miso, and fish

Japan enjoys a variety of foods for their first meal including steamed rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables. Served in separate bowls on a tray with green or black tea, this healthy breakfast is perfect for a big day exploring Tokyo!

Indian Breakfast

Indian Breakfast with idli and chutney

Although varying from region to region, India’s staple breakfast foods include chutneys and dips of differing spice levels. These are then paired with idli (a steamed lentil and rice cake) or dosa pancake in the south, or roti bread in the northern region around Delhi.

Chinese Breakfast

Chinese Breakfast with steamed dim sum in bamboo baskets

Small bamboo baskets filled with dim sum prepared in several ways are common in Beijing and Shanghai to break their fast. In more regional areas, hot soups and broths such as congee are eaten, while Hong Kong people will have similar foods to other meals including noodles and fried vegetables.

Cold Breakfasts around the World

French Breakfast

French Breakfast with croissants and pastries

Perhaps most famous of the simple breakfasts are the French, with cafes and many boulangerie offering visitors delicate pastries such as croissants served with coffee.

German Breakfast

German Breakfast with dark bread and salami

German citizens take it a step further with heavy grain breads, pungent cheeses, and peppercorn studded salamis as their morning meal. Sometimes paired with fresh fruit and rolls with jam, Germans (along with their Mediterranean neighbours) are the best example of a true Continental Breakfast.

Brazilian Breakfast

Brazilian Breakfast with cheese bread rolls and coffee

In cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the morning fare is surprising similar to Europeans, with breads, hams, cheeses, and fresh fruit common on household and cafe tables. The main difference is the addition of small cheese rolls and that the coffee is served small, dark and strong… understandable when you realise the phrase used for breakfast in Brazil, café da manhã in Portuguese, literally means “morning coffee”!

Turkish Breakfast

Turkish Breakfast with cheese, olives and tomatoes

The Turkish people treat breakfast very importantly, and are often an impressive sight! With influences of two continents, flavours can be intense as tables are laden with breads, butter, cheese, jams, local honey, olives, fresh cucumber and tomatoes, spicy sausage, and kaymak which is similar to thick clotted cream.

Australian Breakfast

Australian Breakfast with vegemite on toast

From Sydney to Perth and everywhere between, you could always do as the Aussies do and enjoy Vegemite on toast… if you can handle it!

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