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From Departure to Destination: Fly in Style With Our Travel Tips

From Departure to Destination: Fly in Style With Our Travel Tips Published on . Category:

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If you are anything like us, your main priority when travelling is probably to remain comfortable for the duration of your flight. This is particularly true when embarking on a long-haul flight, which can last for anything beyond five hours and leave even the most stylish of individuals looking a little dishevelled.

We live in a fashion-conscious age, however, where there is a growing desire for travellers to remain both stylish and comfortable regardless of where they are travelling to. To help with this, and to ensure that you can fly in style to any of our top destinations, here are some tips to help you along the way

1. Strike the Balance Between Tight and Loose Clothing

This is a rule that also applies to general wear, as it is important to seek out stylish and slim-fit garments that allow room for you to move. Clothes that are too tight tend to restrict movement, while those that are too large look billowy and do little for your figure.

So while you should always strive to avoid tight clothing when travelling on an aeroplane, it is important to at least wear complimentary garments that fit and reflect your own, unique sense of style.

2. Layer Your Outfit To Optimise Comfort and Flexibility

In terms of transitioning between your arrival at the airport and boarding your flight, layering your outfit offers endless benefits. This means that you can use a stylish coat or jacket to embellish your outfit, before removing this when boarding the plane and taking off.

Layering your outfit also offers crucial flexibility, ensuring that you are never too hot or cold throughout the duration of your flight. We particularly recommend combining a light jumper or cardigan with a t-shirt, as this can help you to remain stylish while also allowing you to adapt to a warmer climate once you have landed at your chosen destination.

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3. Embrace Smart Casual Attire for That All-important Upgrade

Interestingly, one of the best ways to remain stylish while travelling is to embrace smart casual attire, combining relatively loose-fitting chinos with a shirt and suit jacket (women can also consider long skirts and dresses). These garments also lend themselves to the notion of comfort, so you can strike the ideal balance from the dual perspective of fashion and wearability.

There is an added advantage to this approach too, as it helps you to prepare for the prospect of an upgrade to business class. This is something that we all dream off, particularly when embarking on longer-haul flights across the globe!

Finally, the best way to look a million dollars when you leave that flight? Avoid alcohol, as flights are incredibly dehydrating. Much easier said than done, especially when you’re already in holiday mode. Applying moisturiser liberally throughout the flight and using eye-drops regularly while onboard are a quick-win tip to maintain that ‘glowy’ appearance.

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