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The Best Views of Airport Locations From The Cockpit

The Best Views of Airport Locations From The Cockpit Published on . Category:

View of Paris, France | Just Fly Business

We all likely have our own favourite airport, for business flights and leisure. Perhaps it is an airport where a romantic meeting took place, or the airport in that exotic location that you never dreamed you would visit. Or, it could just be the one that is closest to us, because it is closest to us.

Whatever your favourite airport and whatever the reason, it is not likely to be because of how excellent your landing was – though I’m sure we all have a particularly poor landing we’d all rather forget. For some people on board though, the approach and landing can make a flight.

Here, we take a look at the airports pilots simply love to fly into.

Christchurch Airport, New Zealand

View coming in to Christchurch, New Zealand | Just Fly Business
There is little doubt that flying to New Zealand is the start of memorable trips for hundreds of travellers each year, whether to: meet with far-flung relatives; backpack; extreme sport or attend a business trip. Whatever the reason, many visitors to this majestic archipelago will come into Christchurch Airport, which is where we start our whistlestop tour.

It is the landscape which gets most pilots – much as it captures the hearts of countless visitors. And it has everything, with snow-capped mountains, billowing white clouds, glacial river water drenched valleys, all enveloped by the patchwork of sheep-dotted rolling hills.

With most pilots also loving the welcome from the airport crews, (despite the odd rugby or cricket related jibe), being rostered to fly into the Land of the Long White Cloud is a welcome job.

London Heathrow Airport, UK

View of London, England | Just Fly Business
Our next stop off is at London Heathrow. One of the most well-known, busy and visited airports in the world, Heathrow’s appearance here may surprise some. Pilots, however, tend to really like it – with the high levels of professionalism a big plus. The views here too are good, on a clear day at least, as the mega-metropolis of London sprawls out. With highlights including the ever-changing City landscape, and the historic docklands out to the east, London’s location as an urban oasis within an ocean of green continues to surprise to this day.

Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

View of Madeira, Portugal | Just Fly Business
Arriving visitors to Funchal Airport tend not to see the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, the football star giving his name to this airport, on first arrival. And that could be viewed as a very good thing, by some.

For pilots, it is the technical challenge of Funchal that attracts the most. Located on the volcanic island of Madeira, the runway at Funchal is carved into the mountainside, and lifted up on stilts as it seemingly rises out of the sea and land. Also, a beautiful location, the specially certified pilots have to stay alert with a curved final approach and knowledge of local weather conditions.

Naples International Airport

View of Capri Island near Naples, Italy | Just Fly Business
It is the views and the aspect of landing at Naples which takes most of the pilot’s breath as they come into land here – particularly on your first time or after an extended period away. Often sunny when landing too, unwary cabin and flight crews can be caught unawares by the sun in the eyes as they taxi onto the apron for turnaround.

These are only a few of the near 45,000 airports in the world today, and it is likely that your favourite is not among them. Wherever that maybe, and wherever your next business trip will take you though, Just Fly Business will be there. Call us now on 0208 417 1366, to land a bargain business flight.

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