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Best Kept Secret Business Class Airlines!

Best Kept Secret Business Class Airlines! Published on . Category:

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Every pound you spend on business class air travel could be a wonderful investment in reaching your destination relaxed and refreshed; benefiting from extra legroom, excellent food and wine, and an opportunity to sleep flat (or almost flat) in comfort on long haul flights.

Then there are those well-stocked and beguiling airport lounges to make your trip almost a treat, and an easier ride on baggage allowance and check-in and security wait times too!

However, can you find affordable tickets in business class?

The leading providers of business-class luxury are some of the biggest names in the sector, but there are lower-cost business class tickets from alternative air companies on various routes. You can ditch cramped economy class cabins and step into the world of being pampered, if you know where to look for cheap upgrades.

Leading Business Class Travel Providers

Business class Singapore

Singapore Airlines Business Class Cabin

Some airlines make it an authentically luxurious option to sit back and enjoy business class travel for long haul flights. It’s easy to see why Emirates, Qatar and Singapore Airlines, for example, scoop up so many industry awards. This includes accolades for their superlative business travel accommodation and services.

It’s often the little extras that make a big difference, such as amenity kits featuring high-end luxury brands, as well as superb chef-prepared food and those awesomely comfortable chair-beds!

Can I Travel Business Class?

discussing data in airport of best business class flights
For those who want to travel in style without the high price tag, the trick is knowing where to look for amazing business class deals that are value for money.

You don’t want to pay for tickets that look like a fabulous business class deal only to get more or less the same facilities and care as Premium Economy type seats!

So, which airlines offer cheap business class tickets while still making the extra cash worthwhile? Also, are there routes and times when discount business class seats are more readily available?

Secrets to Making Business Class Travel Affordable

Travel Agent looking for the Best kept secret business class airlines
Clearly, inside knowledge of the industry pays dividends. This includes knowing the airline seating layouts and when and why companies start to be flexible on pricing upper band tickets.

This includes knowing the air travel routes that have the most competitive pricing patterns – like New York to and from London – which tends to push business class fares down.

If you don’t have the same level of insight and contacts as the Just Fly Business team, you can still pick up business class fare bargains from these excellent airlines.

China Airlines

background of shops in the airport._1166668939 - Best kept secret business class airlines
This four-star rated airline, whose airport hub is based in Taipei, offers some amazing business class cabin deals.

They keep prices competitive for journeys covering 160 destinations in 29 countries, across Asia, Europe, America and Oceania; but still offer masses of appeal for both Business Class and Premier Business Class travel.

Business Class includes large well-designed seats, that lay near horizontal and provide lots of personal space. While Premier Business Class throws in a beguiling oriental aesthetic to cabin accommodation, and additional elegance and refinement. It also gives you access to fabulous onboard Sky Lounges, where you can select books, sip cocktails or enjoy truly delicious snacks.

Beyond that, your competitively priced business class seat with China Airlines provides all the lovely touches you would expect, such as superior entertainment, free-flowing drinks and memorable meals to pass your flight enjoyable.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Business Class

Asiana Airlines Business Class Cabin

This airline flies ‘under the radar’ compared to the bigger players, but for routes to and from Asia and to Oceania, it offers excellent deals on business class fares. For relatively manageable extra cash, you get a high level of comfort and care in the airport and in the air.

This includes beguiling flatbed seating in business class cabins, in easy to access and roomy 1-2-1 rows of interlocking private ‘cubicles’. It’s a set up that provides privacy but also ample storage space, and great leg and elbow room.

Food tends to be an adventurous mix of oriental and western ingredients and flavours, and the wine list is appealing.

As Asiana ‘codeshares’ with Qantas, you gain access to that company’s fabulous airport lounges at some flight starting points and in Seoul. (Codesharing is an airline marketing tool to brand shared flight arrangements and facilities.)

Swiss Air

Swiss Airlines Business Class

Swiss Air Business Class Cabin

Swiss Air is universally recognised as offering the best European business class cabin. It’s also an appealing and affordable option to fly into Johannesburg or Cape Town, when flying to South Africa in business class.

The company regularly holds ‘sales’ on business class flights, including routes to Asia and South America. Swiss Air also codeshares with airlines to pool popular flight routes and airport services.

While some companies stand out for their seating, menus or stylish airport lounges, Swiss Air offers great ‘all round’ business class travel.

Business class lounges you can use with Swiss Air tick all the boxes for strong WiFi and good workspace, with lots of delicious food, after you’ve passed through check-in and security quickly.

The Swiss Air business class seating tends to vary according to cabin layout and airplane size, but always offers privacy and ample ‘wriggle room’. Chef-led menus are a million miles from bland airline food in economy, and Swiss Air entertainment systems have a well-curated stock of the latest titles.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes it preferable to fly business class, and what represents value for money. However, when airlines of this calibre are prepared to cut their prices for upgraded seats, it’s an offer that’s difficult to refuse!

For more details on the airlines mentioned above and some excellent business class deals, please get in touch with Just Fly Business on 020 8417 1366.

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