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5 Reasons to Fly Business Class

5 Reasons to Fly Business Class Published on . Category:

couple at the airport waiting for their plane

Whether you’re flying for a holiday or a work-related trip, is it worth paying the extra for a seat in Business Class?

Perhaps a better question would be, “Why NOT fly Business Class for your next holiday or meeting?”. You deserve it! You work hard year-round and when you go places you should travel in style and be well looked after.

If you need further justification for business class flights, here are just a few of the advantages you will gain.

Better Designed Seats for all Body Shapes and Needs

Business Class seat on Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10

Singapore Airlines Business Class Cabin Boeing 787-10

Business class air plane seats are often similar (if not the same) as First Class, but you might not get all the whistles and bells of such things as wine lists and haute cuisine.

These seats will be ergonomically designed to accommodate a wide range of body shapes, with ample leg room. You will get entertainment units perfectly positioned for your viewing pleasure, and on many flights, you can even lie flat while you sleep. A plump pillow and warm blanket will add to your comfort on longer flights.

Now doesn’t that beat being squished, cramped and uncomfortable, with your neighbour’s elbows digging in you, on an Economy seat? It’s even more important if you are tall, have health issues or carry extra weight.

Great Perks For Business Class Flights

Amenity kit, Etihad

Etihad Amenity Kit

Apart from your relaxing aircraft seat, business class tickets also buy you a range of little extras that can make travel more pleasurable. This, of course, includes free-flowing food and drink, of a good standard. We all know how important it is to keep hydrated and energised on a journey! (easy on the alcohol).

Often airlines offer their business class passengers an improved entertainment service too, and goody bags of things like eye shields, ear plugs, hand lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste. Even that hot towel before you land can be a welcome bonus.

You will also get more air miles or loyalty points as one of the perks of flying in business class.

Better For Working, or at Least Using Time Well

 Cathay pacific business class cabin seat

Cathay Pacific Business Class

Business Class tickets are called just that because they are so important to anyone flying for work related reasons.

Many employers know that getting staff to meetings and events feeling properly rested and happy is important, so they are willing to stretch expense accounts to include luxury travel for business flights. This is especially true for long-haul work-related journeys.

The added benefit is that during your trip, you will have the space and support to be productive if you wish. This includes access to Wi-Fi so you can email and message with ease. You can also use your hours in the air to get on top of tasks with a high degree of privacy and reasonable amounts of peace and quiet. The same could not be said of Economy class seats!

Reliable Standard and Cost Benefits

Emirates Business Class luggage counter

Emirates Business Check-in desk

Here’s an inside tip on the different levels of airfare these days. Many operators – especially long-haul ones – are finding money-making methods by varying their offering even further. If you book “Economy”, you might end up in a basic seat and position, with no hold luggage included in the price, for example. You may have to pay extra to be in a “better grade” of Economy.

Business Class flight tickets, on the other hand, always provide a good standard of comfort and support services. They almost always include hold luggage in the cost, plentiful refreshments, wifi, lounge access, sometimes chauffeur service, and that all important service with a smile. All these inclusive benefits can save you from a host of additional charges placed on economy class passengers.

More Relaxed When You Arrive, and Also When You Depart!

a lady sitting in The Pier Lounge, Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge

The benefits of flying business class are not all about better facilities and services in the air.

Many airlines offer passengers in this category the chance to use spacious airport lounges pre-flight (usually the same ones used for first class ticket holders). These can be excellent places to refresh yourself, rest or snack while waiting to board. You can also recharge your phone or connect to the office or home while you wait.

Business class airport lounges are a world away from fighting for small seats in noisy public waiting areas! They are another reason that this is the best way to make the experience of travelling less stressful and draining.

So, you don’t just deserve this option for luxury travel, you NEED to fly Business Class too!

Here at Just Fly Business, we’re dedicated on finding the best deals for business & first class flights for our clients. For an amazing business class experience contact us today on 020 8417 1366 or enquire online.

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