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5 Must Have Items For Your Holiday

5 Must Have Items For Your Holiday Published on . Category: ,

Suitecase being packed for a holiday

Summer may be coming to an end, but heading off on holiday is exciting no matter what time of year you go! Whether you are heading away for some winter sun, seeking a city break full of incredible sights, or you want to enjoy snowy sports on the ski slopes, there are certain essentials that you need to pack for a holiday.  Once they’re in the bag though, you can also enhance your getaway by packing some holiday must-haves you may not have thought of.

Here, we look at what you need to pack for a holiday with our 5 items to make your break extra special.

The Holiday Checklist Essentials

A good book

Man on a hammock reading a book

An absolute must-have for relaxing on a tropical beach or curling up with a hot chocolate in front of a roaring ski chalet fire, taking a good book can make or break a great holiday. Catch up on the novel you haven’t found time for, or take a guidebook and begin planning your very own city tour. Whatever you take, a great book is essential on every holiday packing list.

Even if you don’t have room to pack a physical book, you can take a lightweight device for a huge range of reading options. Remember, you will want something to read while travelling at the very least!

At least one refined outfit

Couple in cocktail dress and suit in a city

No matter whether your holiday takes you to New York, the Maldives, or even on a safari, there is always an opportunity to spoil yourself a little. And let’s face it, you’re on holiday. You deserve it!

You may want to alternate chilling out on sun lounges and getting away from it all with a luxurious brunch or evening cocktails. But of course, that means that every day is not going to be casual outfits or oceanside beachwear.

You should always take at least one refined outfit that will be suitable for a classy cocktail hour, a surprise date night, or that unexpected upgrade to business class. You never know who you will meet and when you will want to dress to impress!

A portable charger

Mobile phone and portable charger near lakes and mountains

Nowadays, we do everything on our phones and would be lost without them… literally. And we all know that batteries seem to last a shorter and shorter time, but with your boarding pass, essential travel documents, tickets for tours, and more all on your phone, making sure you can access them is essential. Not to mention that you will want to be using your device for maps, ordering taxis, emergency contacts, and taking high-quality holiday snaps!

With all the extra use it will be getting, you could find yourself in the awkward situation of running out of battery while on the go. Taking a portable charger to make sure you are never without power is not just essential but could be the difference between making memories and missing out.

It’s not just useful for one device, but nothing will ruin a holiday faster than not having access to your phone, so make sure to include a portable charger with what to pack for your holiday.

A versatile bag

Tote bag, hat, and flip flops on the beach

Regardless of your destination, you need to think about how you will carry all your essential items.

If you are going to a resort, you should choose a sturdy tote bag suitable for towels, wet swimming costumes, water, your book, and more. With some beach resorts providing one in your room, you may get away with not having one. If not though, you could end up that person juggling everything or doing multiple trips just to relax by the pool (doesn’t sound very relaxing though, does it?).

City breaks, safaris, holidays with day trips, and any trip with a bit more moving around needs something more easily carried and possibly more secure. A backpack you can zip up can help to keep your possessions safe while you enjoy the sights and can keep your hands free for holding on in subways, theme parks, or outback adventures.

Your favourite tea

Woman drinking tea in bed

It isn’t just a cliché that we Brits love a good cuppa. Heading abroad and trying new tastes can be exciting and you might just find a new favourite, but you don’t want to find yourself stuck without your home comforts.

Enjoying a little taste of home can be calming and stress relieving, so join the 40% of British travellers who include tea as part of their holiday packing list.

Preparation is Key

These are just five of the items we feel you don’t want to miss off your holiday checklist to ensure a great time away. Remember though, there are always more items to include, every destination will be a little different, and everyone will have their own idea of “essential”.

Of course, preparation is the key when packing for a holiday, and a final check before you leave the house to ensure you’ve got your passport, visa (if you need one), tickets, cash, any medication you need, and travel insurance can make it easier to get going in a stress-free way. Being well prepared can be the difference between a good holiday and a great one, so begin your own personal holiday packing list now!

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