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4 Reasons To Fly Business Class

4 Reasons To Fly Business Class Published on . Category:

Cathay Pacific Business Class Heathrow Lounge Relaxing | Just Fly Business

When you are travelling long haul, whether for business or pleasure, a restful flight is essential. And while the economy travel is perfectly adequate for getting you from A to B, you’ve probably wondered if the extra few quid is worth it for business class?

Business class flights can actually be just as comfortable as first-class ones but don’t come with the same price tag, so often it’s worth the upgrade. Just Fly Business have put together four reasons why you should buy cheap business class flights instead of opting for economy.

Image Source Above: Cathay Pacific Lounge, London Heathrow

There’s A Smaller Difference Between First And Business, Than Business And Economy

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat | Just Fly Business
Image Source: Singapore Airlines, Business Class Seat

Depending on the airline, the services you receive on business class flights can vary, whether it’s domestic or international. Still, business class flights can be almost as luxurious as first-class, but available at quite a reasonable price tag. Most of the time, business and first-class cabins feature lie-flat seats, lots of good food and free flowing alcohol. The main noticeable differences between the two are that some international first-class sections have better dining choices and have enclosed seating cabins for passenger privacy.

As for lounge access, most airlines use the same one for business class and first-class passengers. This is a marked difference to staying cramped in your economy seat for the entire flight.

Expensing Business Class Flights

Expenses Sheet with Model Aeroplane | Just Fly Business
Many companies have policies regarding business class flights, especially international ones. Most of them will allow their staff to expense business class flights over a certain number of hours. It is best to check your employer’s policy on flights before buying your ticket, and ensure that you can reap the rewards and fly business rather than economy.

Just Fly Business make luxury travel affordable and can help get you cheap business class flights to many destinations around the world.

Better Perks In Business Class

A lot of airlines are focusing on giving passengers better perks of flying business class, especially if you are a frequent traveller. That is because the main competition between airlines takes place in the business class flights section.

Airlines pay thousands of pounds to research and develop seats with the most innovative features. It’s common for them to employ top designers and architects to come up with the best ideas. So, if you have a business class flight, you are most likely to be experiencing the very forefront of aeroplane technology.

Earning Air Miles (almost the same!)

One World Logo | Just Fly Business
The mileage bonuses you earn in a premium seat are a big perk of flying. Flyers earn miles at various rates depending on the cabin class and the airline. Generally speaking, economy tickets will earn passengers 100 per cent of the miles flown, business class flights at 125 per cent and for first-class it is 150 per cent. There is not that much difference between business and first class in points, so you can collect your points and enjoy your business class seat.

Buy Affordable Travel with Just Fly Business

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Just Fly Business can arrange premium flights to a number of destinations around the world. From the UK, you can fly across Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, America, and much more. Our excellent business and first-class flight prices allow you to reach destinations across the globe in style, and we can even make an itinerary to suit you. Simply call our team today on 0208 417 1366 for a great deal or search for great holiday offers via this link.

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