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3 Things to Pack on Maldives Holidays…

3 Things to Pack on Maldives Holidays… Published on . Category:

Over Water Villas in the Maldives surrounded by Palm Trees and clear blue seas

… and 3 to leave behind.

You would think Maldives holidays are easy to pack for. Throw in a swimsuit, maybe a hat and some flip flops, and away you go. But when you’re in an island paradise, if you don’t bring it with you, you may end up paying astronomical prices from the resort gift shop for something that could be better spent on anything from a dinner cruise to a diving trip.

Alternatively, some things just end up getting in the way of your dream Maldives holiday, so ask yourself “What should I pack on a trip to the Maldives?” and take a look at our essentials (and a few to forget) for your Maldives holiday package.

What to Pack on Maldives All Inclusive Holidays

Women Walking on Wooden Jetty towards over water villas in the Maldives

Apart from the obvious essentials; light, airy summer clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, sandals or flip flops, and a swimsuit that’s not just for show (trust me… you’ll want to get in the water); there are a few things that appear on every Maldives holiday packing list. You’ll be kicking yourself if you forget these must haves.

Collared Shirts for the Gents

Maldives island resorts are fairly casual and carefree during the day, and your evening meals in the resort restaurants will generally be only slightly more dressy than the day’s dress code. Be aware though that some resorts will require men to wear a collared shirt to dinner, and occasionally even trousers in their premium dining areas, though women will usually continue to dress in flowing beachwear. The secret?? Go for stylish relaxed as anything more might stand out as too dressy

Insect Repelant

This is nature in all its glory! But remember, you are still on an island filled with vegetation and water in the tropics. From mosquitoes to sand flies, you’ll be glad for this tip.

1 Thing to Always Pack on Maldives Holidays in 2019

An Underwater Camera

Almost everything that you’ll do on your all inclusive holiday to the Maldives will revolve around the water in some way. Whether diving, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, going on reef tours, or sailing into the sunset, the last thing you will want is a camera that stops working. Plus, with the abundance of marine life in the warm waters, you will want to make sure you have all your memories documented to make your friends and family jealous.

What not to Pack on Maldives Holiday Packages

Seaplane Flying Over the Maldives with clear blue seas and over water villasr

Now that you have everything you need for your amazing Maldives holiday, the secret becomes to still pack light… and I mean it. You may have a large luggage allowance from your airline, but if you have a seaplane transfer you could end up paying a fortune for extra luggage that you just don’t need.

Lots of Shoes or Heels

One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive at your resort is that everyone sheds their footwear… and you should too. Even at dinner the atmosphere is much more relaxed than what you may expect and heels will just clutter your luggage without ever making an appearance. Plus, not much is better than feeling the sand between your toes and no-one wants to walk in it in heels.

Your Full Make-Up Bag

I know, I know… you want the perfect poolside picture from your Maldives holiday to update your profile pic, but think about it for a second. You’re on a tropical island. It’s humid. You’ll be in and out of the water… and no one wants a profile pic with their make-up running. It’s OK though because it’s the time to believe what everyone has been telling you for ever now… you are naturally beautiful. And nothing is better than natural beauty in nature!

1 Thing to Never Pack on Cheap Maldives Holidays

A Power Adaptor

Those planning a Maldives holiday in 2018 from the UK can lighten the load further. This is because all the resorts in the Maldives operate with the same electrical sockets that we currently use here. One less thing to worry about… which is what holidays to the Maldives are all about.

The Controversial One

Mobile Phones

A controversial one as phones are great for listening to music on the sun lounges and updating your social media with amazing photos to make everyone jealous, but sometimes you just want to be switched off from the outside world to truly be able to relax.

The Important Ones


The Maldives is a Muslim country with very strict controls on what can enter and exit. Alcohol is completely forbidden and will be confiscated at the airport on arrival, so do yourself a favour and forget about the duty-free bottles. The resorts are under a special licence and are able to serve alcohol, so the best thing to do is to go all inclusive on Maldives holidays.

Moderately Conservative Clothing

Although the island resorts are relaxed with minimal dress codes, when arriving and departing from Male you will need to dress appropriately due to the conservative nature of the population. Not that you will be on the plane in your bathing costume, but maybe throw a light long sleeve top into your carry on for when you land.

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