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The 3 Best Vegetarian Travel Destinations

The 3 Best Vegetarian Travel Destinations Published on . Category:

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Travelling is one of the most important rites of passage imaginable. Travelling helps us to grow and develop as individuals while also providing an incredible learning experience. Of course, there are occasional obstacles that prevent us from travelling as freely as we would like, such as budget and our working arrangements. One of the lesser talked about challenges of travel is diet, particularly in the vegetarian and vegan communities.

Best Vegan Restaurants Worldwide

Despite this, there are some global locations that offer a huge diversity of cuisines and remain capable of fulfilling every conceivable dietary need:


Perhaps the most viable option for vegetarians is India, where there is an incredible depth and diversity of food. Not only this, but many of the ingredients and dishes served in India are naturally vegan, meaning that they do not include any animal or dairy products at all.

Interestingly, even restaurants that serve Western-inspired dishes tend to use vegetarian ingredients to create unique and universally appealing menus. This makes India a home away from home for vegetarians, while even those with more complex dietary requirements can be adequately catered for.

2.New York

The glorious city of New York tends to take a voluminous approach to cuisine, both in terms of portion size and the range of foods that it offers. Given this, it should come as no surprise that New York city is full of veggie hotspots, from trendy eateries to classic, 1960s-inspired diners.

Most restaurants offer such large and diverse menus that usually offer multiple options to vegetarians, particularly vast outlets such as Planet Hollywood. This is a far cry from the UK, where some eateries continue to serve restricted vegetarian offerings.


Finally, we have Italy, which offers a deceptively large vegetarian choice. While this location is less viable for vegans due to the emphasis placed on varying types of full-fat cheeses, restaurants in Italy offer several vegetarian alternatives revolving around classic staples such as pizza and pasta.

Perhaps the biggest advantage in Italy is that dishes are often made to order, as this makes it easier for chefs to tailor your meal and accommodate your personal requirements. Outlets are usually happy to meet your needs, so the key is for you to ask and be as clear as possible when communicating.

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