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The 8 Types of Annoying Passengers You’ll Encounter On Your Flight

The 8 Types of Annoying Passengers You’ll Encounter On Your Flight Published on . Category:

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While heading abroad is always a fun an exciting experience, the plane journey to your destination can often by arduous and last for what seems like an age. Maybe this is because of your heightened sense of anticipation or a fear of flying, but it could also have something to do with the typical types of passengers that share your space while on-board!

From those without inside voices to others with a total lack of spacial awareness, these passengers can make even the most exciting holiday start with a sense of irritation rather than joy. So let’s take a closer look to see who exactly we are talking about:

Annoying Airplane Passengers

1. The Seat Recliner

The lack of leg-room on economy flights makes a compelling argument for why flying business class is always the best solution, thanks primarily to the passengers who always recline their seat regardless of whether or not someone is sitting behind them. This lack of spacial awareness can make for a grim flight, particularly when the seat in front flies backwards along with items on your tray!

2. The Comfort Seeker

Space is at a premium in the cheap seats, which can be annoying in itself. This situation is made worse when you are sat next to a stranger and a comfort seeker, however, who likes nothing more than to huddle close to your shoulder when they are sleeping.

3. The One With the Plague

This is a phenomenon that is pertinent to every type of public transport, where diseases and illness stalks the healthy with incredible persistence. Make no mistake; there is nothing worse than being sat next to someone with a rampant cold on a long-haul flight, particularly when they share your arm-rest and make little attempt to cover the nose.

4. The Screaming Child

It seems that no flight is complete without an unruly, screaming child, as if airlines have to meet some exceptionally strange equal opportunities criteria for travellers. While we cannot be frustrated at children who are often bored, restless and unable to articulate their feelings, we can complain at the absent parents who make no attempts to soothe their child and spend the majority of the flight asleep!

5. The Late-comer

It’s often wondered why airlines keep the boarding gates open after a flight is due to depart, as this can cause huge frustration for timely travellers. After the late-comers get to cram in some extra, last-minute duty free shopping, or even a quick nap, before arriving on board like conquering heroes while the rest of us sit, wait and mutter obscenities under our breath.

6. The Moaning Maverick

Every reasonable person understands the presence and importance of priority boarding, as it allows parents with toddlers and disabled passengers to board the plan safely. Despite this, there are some travellers who continue to queue at the boarding gate to get on-board first, either oblivious to the rules or ignorant to the fact that they apply to everyone. Then comes the obvious howls of anguish and dismay when priority passengers are boarded first, as if they have been the victim of a huge injustice.

7. The Excess Hand Luggage Carrier

Unless you are travelling light and pack all of your items into a cabin case (which is a great idea for short breaks away), there is no excuse for overloading your hand luggage. This not only take up copious amount of overhead room, but it annoys more considerate passengers who end up balancing their hand luggage on their laps.

8. The Incessant Talker

We are reaching a little here, but there is always a sense of dread when we are forced to sit next to a stranger. The biggest fear is that they will be incessant talkers, whether this is their nature or they look to interact in order to distract themselves. Either way, this can be immensely frustrating, particularly for those who are tired and simply too polite to put headphones in!

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