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Cheap First and Business Class Flights to Seychelles

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Seychelles Beach with Hammock - Your Next First Class Destination - Just Fly Business

Business Class Flights to The Seychelles

  • Business class flights from £1,699
  • First class flights from £2,399

The Seychelles perfectly encapsulates balancing business with pleasure.

Flying to these stunning islands with our cheap business class flights has never been easier. Comprising of 115 islands within the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean, whether you’re on a business trip or a luxury holiday to this tropical destination, our dedicated travel consultants will ensure a satisfying and relaxing trip.

Here at Just Fly Business, every requirement from car hire to airport transfers is tailor-made and personalised to provide you with a memorable experience.

Things to See in The Seychelles

Seychelles Beach
The Vallee de Mai on Praslin

No luxury or tailor-made tour to the Seychelles is complete without a visit to the iconic Vallee de Mai on Praslin, which has the distinction of being a Unesco World Heritage Site and is often described as a primeval forest. Adorned with beautiful clusters of coco de mer palms some of the most incredible wildlife imaginable, this is a natural landmark that fits snugly into the ‘must-see’ category.

The Anse Georgette Beach on Praslin

A mere stones throw by the Vallee de Mai, Praslin is also home to one of the regions most renowned and spectacular beaches. Anse Georgette represents a sumptuous stretch of exotic coastline; distinguished by white sand and clear, blue waters. The ideal place to relax after an arduous day in the office, this beach is popular among tourists and locals alike.

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Located in Olivier Marandan Street in the small but cosmopolitan Victoria, the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is a national monument and the destinations premier landmark. An extraordinary building, the Cathedral sits alongside the equally magnificent Domus, while the elegant architecture that defines both of these structures must be seen to be believed.

Things to Do in They Seychelles

Diving in the seychelles
Visit the Quaint Capital of Victoria on Mahe

On the subject of Victoria on Mahe, this just happens to be one of the smallest capitals in the world and one that is littered with a cluster of narrow roads, quaint villages and creole-style housing. It is well worth a visit for anyone with a keen sense of tradition and nostalgia, from its Westminster-style clock tower to the rustic Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market (which is home to an incredible array of locally-sourced fish, vegetables and spices).

Take a Boat Trip to Cousin Island

As you would expect from an exotic, island destination, luxury Seychelles holidays tend to include a huge array of cruises and boat trips. A trip to Cousin Island would be our pick, however, as it remains a rare conservation success story that is now a home to endangered species and rare reptiles. This means that as a visitor you can only explore with a guide, but witnessing such wildlife in its natural habitat is truly something to behold.

Take Hikes on Mahe

Holidays to the Seychelles also tend to involve a huge amount of exploration, even for business travellers who have limited time to spend outside of work. Hiking is a popular and accessible activity that enables you to achieve this aim while visiting the Seychelles, with the Copolia Trail enabling ramblers to make a descent through a cinnamon and rubber tree forest before climbing the peaks of inner, granitic island.

The Seychelles Business Venues

Business Venues in the Seychelles
Four Seasons in the Seychelles

Regardless of your choice of flights to the Seychelles, a visit to the Four Seasons Hotel will immediately lift your spirits. Backed by a globally-renowned brand and a reputation for excellence, the Four Seasons is a multi-purpose venue that has become increasingly popular among businesses. Particularly recommended for corporate events and conferences, it is the ideal choice for any brand hoping to make an impression.

Coco D’or

For smaller businesses or those that require a more intimate setting for effective team-building, the compact but stylish Coco D’or may be a more suitable choice. Equipped with 27 rooms, a business centre and fully equipped conference facilities, it is also competitively priced in line with the competition.

The Kempinski Seychelles

Another globally-renowned hotel brand, the Kempinski Seychelles has the resources and capabilities to deliver a truly professional event.

From large-scale conferences to product launches and corporate events, it provides an outstanding service and a wonderfully opulent backdrop for the occasion. It is also centrally located, meaning that it is easy for weary travellers to find after their business class flights to the Seychelles.

The Seychelles’ Nearby Cities

Though small, the Seychelles capital of Victoria is home to most of the region’s business hubs and conference centres. The city of Anse Royal also boasts excellent transportation links for those arriving on cheap business class flights to the Seychelles, so it offers an option for those in need of accommodation.

In terms of connecting countries, the Seychelles is remote, however, with Mayotte, Somalia and Comoros the only nations that are located within 1000 miles.

The Seychelles’ Fast Facts

  • Currency = Seychellois Rupee (SCR)
  • Time Zone = GMT + 4 hours (The UK is 4 hours behind The Seychelles)
  • Fly From = All Major UK Airports.
  • Hottest Months = December to April.


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